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Welcome to All Saints Lutheran Church

Important: Scam Emails!

Update:  More people have been affected by Email scams.  Check the email addresses from senders to ensure they are correct.   Mark incorrect emails as spam.   Sorry for the inconvenience.

We believe God welcomes all regardless of race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status (LGBTQIA+), and without regard to addiction, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socio-economic circumstances, differently-abled or anything that too often divides us. Therefore, we welcome all!
Indeed, our unity is in Christ Jesus and it is our mission to be a family of faith, empowered by God to proclaim Jesus Christ.

Worship Service Information

Sunday Worship In-Person and Zoom at 9:45 am

Contact office for password

Jesus Christ invites you to his table and all are welcome at All Saints!

Holy Communion is served weekly, with gluten free and non-alcoholic options available

We encourage children to participate in our worship.


Please see the Church Calendar for weekly events

Contact Us

Contact our Interim Pastor
Pr. Ed Benoway
Contact our office at
or call

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