Sermon – February 8 – Welcome Home

Many people spent last week-end watching the Super Bowl.  There were the big name players you saw on almost every play and then there are some players that stand on the sidelines all ready to head into the game, but only if they are absolutely needed.  What must it feel like to be part of a team, in the biggest game of the year, and never have the opportunity to run a single play in the game?

In the gospel reading from Mark 1, Jesus was going to Simon’s house.  When he arrived, he found Simon’s mother in law in bed sick with a fever.  Jesus touches her and the fever leaves her and she began to serve them.  Her role in the story is that of the nurturer.  When Jesus arrives, she cannot fulfill her role because she is sick.  But with just his touch, he frees her to do what she has been called to do.

Each of us has our own set of Spiritual Gifts that God frees us to use to do what he has called us to do.  Often times our own fear stands in the way of our using those gifts.  As a community of faith, we have people with a variety of different spiritual gifts.  One set of gifts is no more or no less important than someone else. There is no need to have anyone sit on the sidelines waiting for their opportunity to be in the big game. We are disciples, and we are all in the game together.

As a community of faith, we look at the gifts of discipleship through the PoWeR SuRGe.  Praying, worshipping, read the scriptures, serve others, relationship building and giving of our time, talent and treasures.  Sometime we don’t truly get how important relationship are in our lives.  That feeling welcome and connected to our faith community is an important aspect of how we see God in the world and how we can be a witness of God to others.  When we are open to using our gifts, we are given the opportunity to bless others in the world.

Whether you are a long time member, a fairly new member or a first time participant, the feeling you get when you walk through the door should be one of Welcome Home.  It is through our worship together in community that we get our batteries recharged, so we can go out into the world again, to be a witness to others.

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