Sermon – February 3 – Aww Man!

Pastor’s newsletter article for February was on the text for this week, but at the time he wrote it he did not realize that.  In searching for a different way to look at the text, he went on a quest.  A quest is a way of seeking a new way to look at things.  We then heard an explanation of the children’s show, Dora the Explorer, and the quest she goes on to find the answers to what she is looking for.  He talked about the character, Swiper, who comes along trying to take away the clues.  The main characters, Dora and friends, and even the viewing audience at home tell the masked Swiper, “no swiping” and he eventually leaves saying, “Aww Man” because he doesn’t get what it is he came for.  The young audience gains an understanding that what he has come to do is wrong and yet program after program he continues to try.

Over the last several weeks, there has been much emphasis and discussion on our Spiritual Gifts.  We feel pretty good about ourselves knowing that we have these gifts given to us by God.  And in our quest to be better disciples we follow the teachings of the PoWeR SuRGe and participate in the educational opportunities provided by and through the church.  We come away with the satisfaction of knowing more than we did before we began.  Then we get to the lesson from the second reading of 1 Corinthians and are told that all of these things are wonderful but all the knowledge in the world, all the gifts that we have, all the faith and hope we exhibit is nothing without love.

Love is patient.  Are we always patient?….Aww Man!  Love is kind.  Are we always kind?…Aww Man!  Love is not envious, boastful or arrogant…guess you know what is next…Aww Man!  Yet like Swiper, we know that we shouldn’t be doing these things, we know right from wrong, but we can’t do it on our own.  This type of love that is patient and kind without envy, boasting or arrogance is not ours; it is Eternal.  It is not our will but God’s will.  It is the love that comes to us from the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  It is the love that comes to us in the water of baptism and through communion and the sharing of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.  It is the love that comes to us in sharing of the peace in the community we share that loves God and our neighbors.

We know that having this type of love all the time is beyond our grasp, but we are encouraged by God’s never-ending love so we continue to strive for this type of love in our own lives.  For what we know of love on earth we “know only in part”, but it is through God’s eternal love that we will “know fully” (1 Corinthians 13:12b)   God will take care of our incompleteness and through him will reveal to us a love that we continue to seek but is not yet fully revealed to us.

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