Sermon – December 1 – The End, Non-Anxiously

by Deacon Lori Emberton

Our sign out front says the end is near. That sounds bad, but it’s probably a good thing for our sign since it’s hard to change and some of the letters are missing. So it’s time for a change. Not all change is bad; not all endings are bad either. Our lessons talk about the end times and the promise that God makes to us about the end times. God promises good things for us. All we have to do is trust in that promise.

Advent is about waiting and preparing for the coming of Jesus. When it was evident this morning that Pastor needed to go home because he was sick, Lori panicked because she was called upon to give an impromptu sermon and she had no time to prepare. Then she realized that she needed to practice what she preached. Last week Lori preached on trusting God to guide us when called into action, and she tried to calm herself enough to do just that. Though she had little time to prepare, she trusted that God would get her through and give her the words to say.

Advent is also about waiting for and trusting in God. We tend to want to rush this season. Advent gets passed over in our rush to get to Christmas. How many of us spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and then went out shopping on Black Friday only to deal with anger and frustration in our rush to bring Christmas home. We tend to want to do things on our time, not God’s time.

There is a story about a woman excited about the opportunity to watch a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. In her impatience, she decided to light a candle under the chrysalis to rush the process. To her awe and amazement she watched as the butterfly hatched but because of her rushing the process, the butterfly’s wings had not fully developed and it could not fly. We could learn from this lesson. If we are patient and wait for God’s time, good things will happen. But if we force things to happen in our time our wings may not be ready to fly.

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