Workshop Wednesdays

Supper and StudyHow do we live our lives together as church?  We serve and love our neighbors.  With our hands, we do God's work. of reconciling and restoring communities in Jesus' name.  In order to discover what that looks like, each of the congregations of the Florida-Bahamas Synod have been asked to discern their mission / purpose and submit their proposals during the June 2015 Assembly.

Here at All Saints, we are asking each of you to participate in Workshop Wednesdays as we learn to: listen to Ourselves (beginning 9/17/14); God (beginning 11/5/14); and our Community (beginning 1/28/15).  The workshops will be held at noon (bring your lunch) and repeated at 6:30 pm (pot-luck supper).  The greater the participation, the more accurate our discernment and yes, this will include the discovery of Spiritual Gifts.   

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