Christian Socal Services (CSS) is a specialized ministry of local churches which offers food, clothes, supportive services and Christian hospitality in the name of Jesus Christ in northern Hillsborough and south central Pasco counties.  This ministry began in the winter of 1985 when a group of pastors (including Pastor Malivuk) and lay people from churches of Lutz and Land O' Lakes identified a serious need to support disadvantaged men, women and children in our local area.  CSS opened its doors in August 1987 and is  located at 5514 Land O' Lakes Blvd. in the red building across from the Land O' Lakes Recreation Center.

There are 12 member churches involved in this ministry and Sue Hickman serves as our representative on the board.  Our involvement includes monetary support, but most importantly our donations of non-perishable food and clothing in the bin located in the entryway of the fellowship hall. 

The volunteer efforts of All Saints members provides an example for others in our community about sharing our Christian Love.  Because of these churches efforts CSS provides a food pantry, Crisis Intervention, "Backpacks for Kids" (with school supplies), a Thanksgiving meal and "Share - the - Season " food baskets at Christmas.  Finally, CSS is a local sponsor and coordinating agency for the National Day of Prayer held every year in May.

As with any ministry, there is more to CSS and our involvement from its inception than just fiscal needs.  Prayers for CSS and its outreach are needed constantly.  The needs of others never diminishes.   

 Matthew 25:40  - "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me".