A Brighter Community is a non-profit, nationally accredited preschool and family resource center that caters to families below the poverty level while maintaining either employment or full-time enrollment in continuing education.  They have been serving this community in Tampa for over 80 years. 

All Saints has had a 15 year relationship with A Brighter Community Preschool by providing an extra meal to students to take home on the weekends.  Each week our congregation provides funding to package 80 brown bag meals and delivers them to their preschool in Tampa. 

A Brighter Community is always eager to allow our members to volunteer their time, talents, and gifts for this wonderful group of kids.  There are opportunities to read to the children, assist with special projects, and any gently used children/household items can be offered to these families at no cost. 

Please click here to visit a Brighter Community’s Website.